In the Social Media Era, a marketer can create a pre-eminent brand with a “smart” content strategy. Social Media is a good equalizer. Social Media creates great scale. One in four people on the planet participate in a cultural media platform Adin Ross. This great scale creates a democratic market place. If a brand has great content, and it engages people, it will be discovered. The great scale includes a virile effect. In accordance with Reed’s Law, a network of two is the same of 1,092 people. Brands who’ve limited financial resources can become the pre-eminent brands within their market spaces through the wise use of social media.

In the music space, because of social media marketing a performer no further has to create album after album or go on a pricey, multi-city tour, to create a great music brand. Great music brands aren’t created by the marketing departments of major labels. Instead, great music brands are produced by fans embracing this content of an artist.

In the social media marketing era there is great database, targeting and communication technology available. A singer can produce a Grammy-winning record within their bedroom. From their property computer an archive could be produced with great sound. A movie could be made and uploaded to a movie housing site. This song could be posted and blogged to at least one in four people in the world. Again, Reed’s law: 2=1092. A good example of the virility of social media marketing may be the Ford Fiesta. Ford spent no money on conventional media to advertise this car. Ford organized a cultural media campaign in which 6.5 million videos were made by fans and added to a movie housing sight. This virile campaign created a 38% awareness rate in the Fiesta’s target market.

If people enjoy a song, that song is going to be shared among many friends who tell many friends. In a cultural media era, by using social platforms creatively, an artist, in a small town, may become an over night sensation. This is the way the preeminent brand in every one of contemporary music was created.

Contrast this to old media. In the first ‘90s a fruitful businessman, had a talented daughter. He started a lady group. He quit his job and leveraged every one of his family’s assets to make a demo tape for his daughter’s group to acquire a contract with a significant recording label. Then he went to all or any labels, trying to advertise this tape. The household lived off the mother’s business. The man almost went bankrupt. His marriage almost ended in divorce. By sheer luck, through a series of unusual events, the group was signed by one label, dropped, and found by another label.

Today, when you have compelling content, if people embrace you, your content is going to be found, BY FANS. A huge change in the creation of content may be the emergence of a democratic search engine. This search engine has democratized content. In today’s world, when you have content that is embraced, the critical search engine will put your content at the front of music search. It generates no difference if you originate from a small town in Canada, or a wealthy family in Beverly Hills. If you have the most popular content, you will become the most crucial brand. In today’s world, parents no further have to become bankrupt or divorced to create a brand for their kids. In today’s social media marketing age, it’s fans that induce and develop the brand.